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Scriptable Core Data (SCD)


An open-source framework for making Mac OS X 10.5 Core Data Document-based Applications AppleScript Enabled (aka "AppleScript on Rails").

  • Data Model + codes + terms = sdef
    The SCD Framework can generate your sdef at run-time from your Data Model. Just annotate your Data Model in Xcode with AppleScript codes and terms.
  • Opt-in:
    • Scriptability, per entity, per relationship, per attribute.
    • Persistent order for to-many relationships, without adding any "index" attributes to the Data Model. Scales well for many-to-many.
    • If required, edit the generated sdef "by hand" to add AppleScript types, enumerations, or commands.
  • Updated Guide is available in PDF format.
  • Source code for the SCD Framework and example applications available via svn.
  • From Chicago Cocoaheads/CAWUG, 2007 Oct 09: Keynote presentation as QuickTime movie (10 MB). (The SCD framework has been revised since that presentation.)


Xcode source code projects for these example Core Data applications:
  • Bricks+SCD: a very simple example of an AppleScript enabled Core Data Document-based application.
  • OutlineEdit+SCD: Apple's Core Data OutlineEdit example, with AppleScript enabled. SCD adds persistent order for the "Notes" at the framework level.
  • Sketch+SCD: Apple's venerable Sketch example (was Draw, Draw2), with Core Data persistence and AppleScript enabled.

Help Wanted!

Get in touch with us.
  • Examples wanted! Help available.
  • Give us feedback on the code and the documentation.
  • See our current ToDo list!
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